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If the muscles in the anus arent relaxed and there isnt enough lubrication, its likely that anal sex will hurt. Its important to relax, go slowly, stop if anything hurts, and let your partner know how you feel sex thats painful or uncomfortable shouldnt continue. Certain health issues, such as hemorrhoids, making it painful. However, anal sex does not have to hurt, and severe pain may indicate that a. If anal is painful because there isnt enough foreplay beforehand or youre not lubricated enough, or youre just diving into things too suddenly to the point of causing pain stop.   without enough lubrication, the friction created by dry penetration is painful and can even cause tiny tears in the delicate skin of the anus.   anal sex has a bit of a learning curve, and as you give it a try for the first time, you may find its a bit painful or uncomfortable in the beginning. Anal sex, or any type of sex for that matter, isnt going to be the bees knees for everybody. Even if one sexual activity feels good, thats no guarantee that every type of sex is going to feel good either. It may just be that anal sex is not really your thing, and thats okay. There are some things that you can do to make sure that any anal sex you are trying to. Of all the sex acts out there you can try, anal sex comes with some of the most vicious rumors. I dont just mean the rumor that everyone said stephanie from high school was doing it, or the weird. If you havent tried anal sex, you might be curious what it feels like. Here, 12 men whove tried it explain the sensation of anal sexand why it feels so good. It can be caused by a variety of things, such as an illness or infection, or a physical or psychological problem. Make time for foreplay and try not to think of penetrative sex as the main goal. But the thing is, anal sex can oftentimes become the preferred method for women who dont have vaginas, for those for whom vaginal penetration is especially painful, and for women who simply.

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