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A rare but dangerous complication of anal sex is rupture of the rectum, which can cause severe injury and result in a severe bacterial infection.   according to a new study published in the american journal of gastroenterology, anal sex is linked to an increased risk in fecal incontinence (you.).   anal sex may make a person more susceptible to bacterial infection around the anus and rectum. This is because the lining of the rectum is not as heavy as the lining of the vagina, so it is more susceptible to tears. If the anus or rectum does get torn, it does not heal as quickly. It can be caused by anal sex, age, and a myriad of other factors. Anal prolapse is when the muscles holding the rectum in place weaken enough that gravity starts to pull the rectum itself downward.   anal sex could possibly result in anal cancer because the anus has such a thin membrane, its more susceptible to tearing and stis. Anal sex also increases your chance of getting an anal fissure. Oral contact with the anus can put both partners at risk for hepatitis , herpes.   anal sex is currently a hot topic of discussion for it is increasingly prevalent among young men and women, and older adults. 1 in 2007, a study based on the national survey of family growth (nsfg), found that one-third of u. 2 in the study, starting from the age 15, the percentage of participants reporting heterosexual anal sex. Graduating high school increases the rate of anal sex dramatically. Graduating from college then decreases the rate to a small degree. People who did not graduate high school had anal sex the least. A history of major depression was strongly associated with having anal sex in both men and women. Anal sex can transmit the human papillomavirus (hpv), and hpv in turn leaves the cells around our rectum more vulnerable to mutating and becoming cancerous. A similar risk exists wherever hpv rears its ugly microscopic head, including the mouth, throat, and cervix.

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